Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Princess Mononoke Revisited - African Style!!!!!

Here are a few sketches (cartoonized...if that's a word) that I did for my version of Princess Mononoke with an African style to it. From top to bottom - Jigo, Lady Eboshi, San,, Prince Ashitake.
I want to do a lot more with this.

Ninja Run

Untitled from Joshua Holley on Vimeo.

Untitled from Joshua Holley on Vimeo.

Here is a ninja run from a larger musical piece that my pal Ashton Johnson and I did.
However, this piece was a solo project, completely created and animated in after effects. (I was the ninja, Ash was the pirate...we were mortal enemies.

Jerk in a Box and Me as A Koala

Here's a traditional drawing that I did...Lots of fun

Mario World!!!

This might have been one of the most fun projects I've done yet. I was surrounded by a great team--good friends Lexi Vay and Macaulay Johnson. We simply put me (Josh Holley) in a complete 3-D Mario Bros. environment using a greenscreen and Nuke. Also I would like to extend a special thanks to Lexi for the Boo model and her compositing skills and to Mac for his breakdown.

My work:
Character modeling and animation
Compositing Scene 3 (Boo Chase)
Programs used:

Mario World!!! from Joshua Holley on Vimeo.

"They're Here" Animatic

Here I've created a very rough animatic for a Nike Shoe ad--solo project. This is a current project that I'm planning to have a good time with, even though it may be a little more challenging than I had planned. Nevertheless, I'm always up for a good challenge.
Programs used or to be used:
After Effects

"They're Here..." from Joshua Holley on Vimeo.

Keep Smilin'

I simply wanted to create a fun short with a somewhat lose story and a positive message--nothing too complex. I had a lot of fun with this piece and as it is a work in progress, I want to refine it and add a bit more to it--in regards to story.
Programs used:
After Effects

Oh Not So Happy Day! from Joshua Holley on Vimeo.

Running For President...Holding a Puppy

I just wanted to see m presidential campaign on the side of a I did Nuke.
Programs used:

Runnin' 4 President and Holdin' a Puppy. from Joshua Holley on Vimeo.

Seasons are A-Changing

Here's a season change that I did using a few still images and Nuke.

Snow_Scene_03 from Joshua Holley on Vimeo.

Snow_Scene_01 from Joshua Holley on Vimeo.

Color Correction -- Revisiting Training Day

This project was a collaborative effort between two good friends, Ashton Johnson, John Coscoluella, and I. Here are a few shots that I took and color corrected in Nuke.