Friday, May 4, 2012

Power Rangers

So one of my favorite childhood shows was the Power I decided to reinvent them...for adults!

The Rangers - Red Code Name: Tyrannasaurus

Here is a sample of a Ranger Suit - reinvented.  This is the Red Ranger. There is much more to come.

The Road to Zordon

Within the Arctic, this is the road to the Architect of the Old World, Zordon.


Zordon is the sole remaining survivor of his kind--and he is dying. When giants once walked Earth and harnessed the full potential of our elements, Zordon was only second to Rita in the art of life architecture.  However, Zordon also mastered the art of orgotechnology (the study of life and technology).  When Rita declared war on the giant race, all of Zordon's kind were killed and he was decapitated.  Fortunately, he assigned his created assistant "ALPHA" to "preserve his knowledge at all costs" as he knew Rita would continue her war.  Now, with little life left, he has chosen a team to defend Earth.

Queen Rita (wip)

Queen Rita was once an amazing and beautiful Master of Creation in the "Old World."  Rita was born in the very distant past referred to as the "Old World" where giant creatures like Zordon, mastered the elements of Earth in a way that humans today cannot begin to comprehend.  Queen Rita was the first human sized creature of the "Old World."  Even though she was different, she became the most skillful creator.  As more human sized creatures were born, the phenomenon was labeled as a disease. Consequently, Rita being the first of her kind and a master of creation, was blamed for the disease.  She grew to hate both the Old race and the new, hence turning her great skill into a weapon of destruction.

Rita's scepter is the conductor of her mastery of death and creation.  The scepter is said to hold the "weight of the the universe and the breathe of creation."  The three sculpted men on the front symbolize the guardians of the "Old World" that secured the power that she now holds.  The back of the scepter represents Rita's unjust fall from grace in the "Old World."

The Pesky small P.U.T.I

These little guys are ferocious..and excessively plentiful...they are the most created of the P.U.T.I.  and Queen Rita's favorite creation to send to wreak havoc on humanity.

P.U.T.I Standard

Here is the standard P.U.T.I.  They are plentiful, yet awful to deal with.  Their expandable jaws are similar to that of a snake's.  They can unhinge and swallow organisms almost 2 times their size. 

P.U.T.I - Heavy

Standing about 15ft tall these ones are the hardest for the rangers to kill.  Toting Acid filled sacs that they swing around wildly, these heavy P.U.T.I s are able to level entire areas with ease.

A Little Van Helsing Fun

WIP for a game pitch

A hero (I've named him..Hero McSavethemall) goes on a journey and has to kill a are some visuals!

Here Comes The Boss, Everyone look busy!

This is Stovetop's boss...The Fire Chief.  And yes, that is his name...well at least until someone works up enough nerve to ask him his real name.  He is the stoic tormenting boss of Stovetop Jackson.  However, he too becomes involved in the "Adventures of Snacktime" because when he was a kid, his blankie was stole as well.

Meet Snacktime's Father...Stovetop Jackson

Stovetop Jackson--the former King of Disco.
He thinks he still has it...Society says otherwise.

Meet Snacktime Jackson

A Kleptomaniac French Bulldog stole his blankie...
He make him lie down...permanently...

"Snacktime Jackson Pitch"

The Adventures of “Snacktime” Jackson

This is an account of the life thus far, of Mikey “Snacktime” Jackson.   Snacktime, a baby born with an severe case of “Disco Fever” to a father who and mother who reigned as “The King and Queen of Disco,” has a cool demeanor, a sharp tongue (or at least he thinks so), and a lust for adventure.  Unfortunately, a diabolically ingenious kleptomaniac French Bull Dog by the name of Sir Squishy Brains III has stolen Snacktime’s favorite blankie—Snacktime will do whatever it takes to get it backbecause his Mommy gave it to him.  Accompanied by his best friend, Jonesy, his teddy bear, and armed with his lethal dolphin squirt gun and a leopard skin onesie, Snacktime will embark on the most epic journey of his 3 years on Earth.

"The Adventures of Snacktime Jackson" Promo WIP

So i decided that I wanted to do a promo poster for "The Adventures of Snacktime Jackson."  Here is the first pass at it.  More to come!

Meet Sir Squishy Brains

here is my updated villian concept for a story idea entitled "The Adventures of Snacktime Jackson". Sir Squishy Brains the III is a kleptomaniac French Bulldog with a bad attitude and an extensive criminal background.