Friday, May 4, 2012

"Snacktime Jackson Pitch"

The Adventures of “Snacktime” Jackson

This is an account of the life thus far, of Mikey “Snacktime” Jackson.   Snacktime, a baby born with an severe case of “Disco Fever” to a father who and mother who reigned as “The King and Queen of Disco,” has a cool demeanor, a sharp tongue (or at least he thinks so), and a lust for adventure.  Unfortunately, a diabolically ingenious kleptomaniac French Bull Dog by the name of Sir Squishy Brains III has stolen Snacktime’s favorite blankie—Snacktime will do whatever it takes to get it backbecause his Mommy gave it to him.  Accompanied by his best friend, Jonesy, his teddy bear, and armed with his lethal dolphin squirt gun and a leopard skin onesie, Snacktime will embark on the most epic journey of his 3 years on Earth.

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