Friday, May 4, 2012

Queen Rita (wip)

Queen Rita was once an amazing and beautiful Master of Creation in the "Old World."  Rita was born in the very distant past referred to as the "Old World" where giant creatures like Zordon, mastered the elements of Earth in a way that humans today cannot begin to comprehend.  Queen Rita was the first human sized creature of the "Old World."  Even though she was different, she became the most skillful creator.  As more human sized creatures were born, the phenomenon was labeled as a disease. Consequently, Rita being the first of her kind and a master of creation, was blamed for the disease.  She grew to hate both the Old race and the new, hence turning her great skill into a weapon of destruction.

Rita's scepter is the conductor of her mastery of death and creation.  The scepter is said to hold the "weight of the the universe and the breathe of creation."  The three sculpted men on the front symbolize the guardians of the "Old World" that secured the power that she now holds.  The back of the scepter represents Rita's unjust fall from grace in the "Old World."

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